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Ridge mods in 2018
The mods will be imca sanctioned in 2018
This is a tough decision for the Francis family but we see that's is about the only way to put some sanity to a wide open rule class ( it will be a lot more work for us with the tech than just handing the trophy to the winner after the race ) imca have gave us a transition period that sounds fair and Ez . We will still have track points and awards for this class ( thru imca) . We are putting a scale pad in . Format for racing will not change. We will have assistance with tech from other tracks Batesville,I 30 and imca will be here a few times . Here are the transition rules
1.weight 2450# all cars
2. Hoosier stamped imca on rear min
3. Open motors 7800 chip no spoiler
4. Crate motor 6400 chip 2in spoiler
5. Steel head flat tappet 6400 chip 2 in spoiler
8.H E I dist no chip necessary.
The ridge is sorry if this doesn't fit your current racing operation but this is a step in the right direction in our eyes
In 2019 we will have a few more rules to conform to but not many
These 2017 transition rules may vary a tad but these are the basics , imca is giving the ridge and the racers some wiggle room , thanks , Trent Francis