Join us for our 31st year of racing at the Ridge, we have our full season planed out on our schedule page, so be sure to check out our coming event's

September 23rd All 6 classes , beautiful weather come on out to the ridge tonight , gates open at 5 racing at 7:30 , $10 for adults $5 for kids 5& under free

Late Model Rule Update

The ridge late models have a small tweak to the rear tire rule ( the # on the sidewall I have no confidence in because most tires ran here are used from big time racers , no telling the d n a ) right rear stays the same must punch 53 or harder after the race , left rear must punch 44 or harder after the race , this is the fairest that I can be, there may have to be another tweak but you will have plenty of notice , as a track owner it did need clarified , as a track owner I can't complain about the level of competition in this class we haven't had a repeat winner since last August sometime , thanks Trent